No way to increase push notification

We have been using a self-hosted RC since 2018 and gathered almost 500 active users. Totally understanding that the RC team has to seek a way to survive because of the push notification burden, we were happy to pay the notification for a fee.

However, we have then tried below approaches:

  1. Sent two emails to sales@RC on 10 Feb and 19 Feb asking for the fee of certain number of push notifications limit of 50k but in vain. No response at all.

  2. Tried Github Sponsor (20k push) via our organisation on 9 Feb. But then RC sponsorship page seems do not read any organisation information. It said there is no sponsorship found.

  3. Tried again Github Sponsor (20k push) via my personal account on 19 Feb. It reads it! But then RC cloud connect page seems to have incorrect redirection URI.

  1. Submitted an issue on support@RC on 23 feb but the ticket has no response and still open till today.

  2. Tried to compile the RC app and host the backend ourselves but the Android app is randomly crashing. We found that the single server branch is not as stable as the one we may find in the App Store/Play Store.

Literally there is no way we may use RC with push, not even when we wanna pay for it.

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Glad that they have fixed the sponsorship page. But still, there is no way for me to increase the limit beyond 20k. Looking forward to any replies from the Rocket Chat team. :cry:

hi: been tracking this topic, and is there any way someone not affiliated with RC can help you? Tell us what you need…we hear things about amazon sns and this and that…be specific.

RC has hit a ceiling as you can tell it sounds like they are spinning their wheels prob has to do with $$ someway somehow…hit a wall is the best description.

And, for the RC team, do you need any help or solution from a 3rd party. It seems you have some barrier internally and your not able to solve this issue with what is in front of you presently…sometimes you have to ask or put it out there.

I think Rocket Chat has to prioritize their support with paying customers and those who are not paying. Yes a Github sponsorship of $120 a year maxes out the push cap to 20k, but this level of support (while awesome) still pales in comparison to companies paying thousands and more for support.

While push notifications are nice, you are getting a full fledged Slack alternative that works just as well without push notifications as it does with and for free.

Remembering this will help you when requesting support.

It has been almost another month. I am still awaiting for the reply from their sales. I am still receiving no replies at all.

I am remembering they are doing the open source for free and I am remembering this to hope to pay to support their great jobs. Unfortunately our messenger is still out of push for months already.

I just wish to have a reply from them. Why is it so hard…?

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