Addressing Push Notifications Pain Points

Dear Community,

I am Milton Rucks and current product manager of Rocket.Chat’s team collaboration vertical.

@pjv Thank you again for bringing forward the following pain points when managing push notifications for a Rocket.Chat server.

  1. Control over messages already read not being counted as mobile push notification
  2. Administrator’s ability to control per user usage of mobile push notification
  3. Control over per channel pushes – for devops shops having bots/automated webhooks/integrations that dump status messages into a channel

We will be working on these pain points in the next couple of months. This is an important point of improvement to us and will be executed as soon as possible. We have some existing things in development so please have patience as we complete those and get to these improvements.We are an open source project and welcome any community code contribution to address these pain points.

Thanks again to all those community members who have reached out directly to us on this. We are listening and analyzing all feedback and suggestions.


Normally it would be no problem for us just to build a gateway our own (We have all developer accounts on hand) but imho the hurdles are way too big (specifically building the app ourself and deploying it to the app stores, this will never get approved by our CEOs for something like this)

If this get’s easier to manage we could just use our own push gateway but I get that this is part of RC’s business model.

I think atm the best way is sponsoring. But there need to be a few more (affordable) tiers after 20k pushs. If RC’s pro-tier push limit wasn’t just 25k but more like 50-100k it would maybe also be a considerable option for some.

I would love to have statistics that show which rooms fire what amount of push notifications. That way we could optimize our settings room-by-room.

We also use outgoing webhooks to push from channels with big amounts of messages to “Pushover” ( and from there to our mobile devices. That’s a little workaround but helps to keep the numbers lower.