How to buy push notifications?!

We’ve had notifications nuked and want to purchase additional quota. GitHub sponsorship only gets us to 20k and isn’t stackable, and we’re apparently at 18-19k already for this month. Last few months we’ve had 40-52k notifications despite just having a small community of friends.

The pricing page on the main RC website has a table listing all the bells and whistles of upgrading, but we literally just want notifications. We don’t mind paying for the service, but the “pro” tier offers only 25k monthly notifications for ~$1,200 USD a year. Our group of friends on a self-hosted instance banging on about beer, gaming, and tech churn through double that. That pricing is extreme for a group that comes nowhere even close to needing “scalability”, never mind “high-level scalability”.

I did contact RC support a few days ago when we realised notifications had been nuked, and I’ve contacted sales this morning. Searching around the forums and announcements just leads to confusion.

Have the RC team published any concise information around this? Has anyone else got a small RC user base and smashed through the notification quota with ease?

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To add some more perspective to this… Amazon’s Simple Notification Service costs $1 for 1 million notifications. That works out at $0.05 for the ~50k we use in 1 month. Based on the “pro” pricing tier RC advertise, we’d be charged $198/month.

I’m far less concerned about paying for notifications that were sent twice if the price is reasonable. At a price mark up of nearly 2,000 times I’m considering doing my own app builds backed by Amazon SNS TBH.

To reiterate, we’re happy to pay for the service, but for a group of mates to keep in touch on a self-hosted server it’s extreme that the only price quote we have available for notifications at this stage is $2,400/year.

thank you for sharing

thank you for sharing

snaptube vidmate

Shame the RocketChat team can’t see for the Slack dollars in their eyes.