My Checklist for Updating Rocket.Chat

I installed Rocket.Chat in spring 2022 using the official package on the DigitalOcean marketplace. It used snap, which I am told is not the preferred method for setting up a Rocket.Chat server.

I’ve encountered difficulties that have on occasion left my server in an unusable state. I’ve created a checklist for updating that has helped to mitigate problems, and I thought I’d share it here for the benefit of any who may have encountered similar issues:

First, enable backups. If anything goes wrong, you can simply revert the VM to its prior state. In my case, I have weekly backups enabled with DigitalOcean. I perform Rocket.Chat updates shortly after such backups have been made, to minimize the risk of data loss. Then:

remove local backup:

rm -r /opt/Rocket.Chat.bkup/Rocket.Chat

upgrade rocketchatctl:

rocketchatctl upgrade-rocketchatctl

upgrade rocketchat:

rocketchatctl update

edit rocketchat.service file

nano /lib/systemd/system/rocketchat.service

Delete or comment out:


reload daemons:

systemctl daemon-reload

Re-set site URL if needed

In case of problems, to obtain service logs:

journalctl -u rocketchat -e

Hi @Geomas ! Thanks for sharing!! :hugs:

Also, a great doc with tips about snap deployment management lives in: