"Error Checking your server version"

I installed my own rocketchat 0.74 server on debian last week.
It is behind an haproxy server (reverse proxy)

I can connect with desktop softs (Win + Linux) and IOs app whithout problems, but on Android devices it’s not possible.
I received the message bellow

I heard about SSL problem in android app, could means that this app do not permit using other SSL certificats…

Can you help me about it please?


Just changed the post to the correct category. Rocket.Chat Apps is actually about the apps in our marketplace

This should give your post the right visibility :wink:

Same here. Can connect with browser but not with app (version 3.3.0 from March 28th).
Interesting aspect : some friend of mine can connect with same version of the app.
I’m suspecting an issue with the installed ssl root certs on my mobile (using a Let’s encrypt cert generated 1 week ago )

I am receiving the same error. I have a proper (Let’s Encrypt) SSL cert installed in a haproxy setup. App works fine via browser.

Using android app version 3.2.0 from f-droid.

Not sure what happened but I can now use the android app.

I went through the Administration pages setting the app up, the only change of significance I can think of is I enabled LDAP and tied it to my OpenLDAP instance. I did create a couple of users, evidently something in this process did something as the next time I started the mobile app it went directly to the login screen and I’m able to login.