Mobile Apps - swipe


Hi, thank you all for your awesome work!

I just recently switched over from Slack, and there is just one usability-issue I’m experiencing: The area for left- and right-swiping from the postings view is oh so tiny small.
Actually, I didn’t noticed that you can swipe in the first place and just went to the burger menu to access the channels.

In the Slack mobile Apps, the hole screen is the target for a swipe gesture - not just the outermost 10 pixel on the left and the right, and that’s the way it’s handled in several apps (best practice).

So: unless you are planning to implement some “per posting swipe” features, please use the hole screen - or at least 1/3 if it - for the really important swipe gestures?


Let’s tag mobile team @rafael.kellermann for some input.


Is this iOS or Android?


IOS - but maybe this applies for Android, too?


@rstockm I’m sorry for the delay on the response, thanks for pointing me

We’re rewriting this interface in our iOS application, to completely remove the left sidebar menu. Stay tuned for the next updates! :+1:


OK - now I’m scared.

Smooth access to the channel list is key IMHO - and the left sidebar a perfectly fine way to achieve this, even more so with a well established swipe gesture. May I ask - what exactly are your plans?

We have a nice idiom in German: “Verschlimmbessern” - which means “He fixed it til it was broken”.
You get the idea :no_mouth:

iOS 3.0 released

We are changing for the better, not for the worst. You’ll have easy access to the chats list (just like you do on Android today) and the UI will be much more reliable and have a much more native feeling for iOS users. :+1: