Messages not displaying and greyed out


Hi everybody,

I’ve already opened an issue on github and have seen similiar issues related to mine but still found no solution for this problem. I hope somebody knows whats going on on my server.

Sometimes our users get an auto disconnect in web browser. After relogin they get a DM notification, but they can’t see any new message when they open the chat window. Also they can see that someone is typing but the new sent message from the other user doesn’t appear. When the user sends a message to a specific other user or channel the message is greyed out and not delivered to the reciever. The message got something like a “Temp” status in the web browser console.

crtl-r revives the missing messages.

This happens since RC v0.61.1.

Any advice?

Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 0.66.1 & 0.68.3
Operating System: Debian 9
Deployment Method(snap/docker/tar/etc): tar
Number of Running Instances: 1
DB Replicaset Oplog: No
Node Version: 8.9.4 & 8.11.3

Github report:


This one is kind of elusive. I think I’ve seen a few times but i dont think anyone has been able to reproduce consistently. :slightly_frowning_face:


Ye, thats right…

here the steps to reproduce once again. This occurs several times a week but we dont know whats the reason for the session timeout :confused:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. User A gets disconnected and logs in again.
  2. User A sends a message to any User B.
  3. The sent message is greyed out for user A/User B receives message ordinarily.
  4. User B sends a message to user A.
  5. User A can see “User B is typing” and he gets a new message notification, but there are no new messages visible for User A in chat window.
  6. Refreshing browser cache or relogin solves this bug.

Any advice? Any optimization? Or maybe downgrade? :frowning: