Message not delivered/received unless the page is reload

We’ve cloned the latest repo from git and introduced some custom APIs to meet our client’s requirements. The updated chat (having custom APIs) is working fine on local. But after deploying the app to heroku, we’re facing this issue. The issue is, when user A sends a message to user B, B doesn’t receive it and A has this message with grey text. If the user B reloads his chat, he receives the message. After this, if user A now reloads the page, he gets the message with standard black color text.
The issue is just with heroku deployed app. While the same codebase running on local machine is working fine.
Any type of help would highly be appreciated…!

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Facing the same issue in Version 3.3.3

Hello! I’ve moved the category of this post from Rocket.Chat Apps to Community Support as it is more appropriate, since this doesn’t seem to be related to the Apps-Engine. Unfortunately I cannot help you, but changing the categories might make the right people see this quicker :slight_smile:

@douglas.gubert Thanks buddy :slight_smile: