Rocket.Chat doesn't sending/receiving messages


Good afternoon,

We’re running Rocket.Chat on my organization, having up to 1300 total users.

This deploy was made on a Ubuntu 16.04 server with 6 processor cores and 7 GB RAM, with three mongodb docker container in replica set mode, three Rocket.Chat instances, and a load balancing nginx server, all on the same server.

Some users have reported that your sent messages was not received by the recipient, and this same user does not receive messages from other users. We are using Rocket.Chat.Electron desktop client.

After restarting the Rocket.Chat instances, it appears to be back to normal. But about two days after, this problem happens again with random users. I was monitored the Rocket.Chat logs, as well as the nginx logs, and it seems to have no errors.

I would like to solve this problem as soon as possible. If it’s necessary, I am available to provide more information.

Thanks for advice.


First I would set the loglevel of the Rocket.Chat server so high that you can see if the Rocket.Chat really tries to send e-mails.

Then I would install a local mail server on the Rocket.Chat server, e.g. ssmtp, to check if Rocket.Chat passed the mails to the local mailer and the mailer passed the mails to the smtp_relay.

If all this looks good, you should consider that the mail server might have a problem.


Hi, @localguru,

I had set the loglevel to 2 - Errors, Info and Debug, and it seems that doesn’t have errors.

By the way, we’re not using e-mail notifications. You think that it’s necessary?

I don’t know if I expressed me correctly, but I’m having problems with the chat messages, not the e-mail notifications.

Thanks for advice.