Making it more Like an whatsapp


I wanted to host an instance for a large group of people. I wanted to make few changes Like Hiding user directory, User can DM only known people via sharing username (Just like they shrare Phone number).


@vibhi will that be just a personal Improvement?
I think it’s a good idea but it might not be directly the brain behind RC.

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I ran discord server with 10000+ people before.

I don’t know much about whatsapp but I would also want to suggest making it like discord in terms of their simple NSFW verification, custom role management that are either mentionable or not depending on the roles the user have, channels that are visible or unvisible depending on the role the user have, Also in discord when lots of people are in voice chat (VC), it is visible to anybody in the server who are connected in VC, this trend lures others to join in VC since people can notice easily that there are that much people in VC. So it should show somehow that who are in VC in order to make active community.

24 hours active chat & 24 hours active VC was most important.

Plus, bots are very important, like discord’s pokeverse, waifubot, and so on. (currently pokemon and anime bots takes all top #1~2 position in terms of population)


Sample Use case



Yeah, it would be much better User directory is useless anyway.and rocket chat isnt made for this but still if something like this can be added than it will be apreciated by large audience