Mailboxes needed functions

I’m trying out, but i’m missing some key components at the moment before i can bring it in production.
To be able to send/create a new email to a customer.
To be able to set email signature for all emails sent by Omnichannel.

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You can certainly do that with scripts, if you want for example to send a new email to every new user that registers at your instance. By default we have a Mailer function in Admin that allows you to query/filter users to send emails to, but manually.

You can customize Emails header and footer in admin > Email > Header and Footer

Let me know if this was the information you need or if you need more :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying out Rocket.Chat!!!

Omnichannel emails (when i reply) has no Header and Footer, i do have one set.
And there i understand i cannot create new e-mail in the Omnichannel to contact a customer?

try to customize Emails header and footer in admin then to Email on to Header and Footer

yes i have changed it but still not showing up, when i reply on a e-mail.

Hi, same here.
Looks that it’s impossible to define a default footer for omnichannel e-mail chat replies. Would be nice to have such an option per department (with some templating, e.g. to insert replying agent name).

Additionally - another option to include original email in the reply would be also useful, so the history of conversation is kept.


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