macOS 10.14.4 - Client 2.15.1 + Jitsi - connectivity issue


Hi guys,

we are currently running some tests with to see if this fulfilling all our needs in the company.
Beside the local installation we have also a local jitsi meet installation.

Users on the latest macOS 10.14.4 (released beginning of the week) are not able to join the jitsi video call via the macOS client. If they use a chrome browser it is working fine.
Users with macOS 10.14.3 don’t have the issue. So I guess it is somehow related to the macOS client.

I’m also not able to reproduce the same situation with the Windows or linux client.

Problem details:
They can join the video call but they are not able to see or hear anyone else. Looks like STUN did not get triggered.

Best regards