LiveChat client session not close

we are using cloud roketchat version, and we have successfully
configured the omnichannel live chat channel.
we are facing issues with client site once user complete the chat session and
agent close the session, its closed the session without any issues,
but if user click again new chat, its keep same session and not asking register form again,
even browser refresh, its keep the same session.
this will be big issue when using public webpage, as old user session still exists in the browser even its close and open it again.
we are using cloud latest version 3.14.4
kindly need support to solve this issue.

Hi dinesh123,

Is this a public kiosk?

What browser are you using?


Thanks for reply,
yes its public,
we need to add in our web site public, I have tested all the browsers
like Firefox and chrome as well,
same behavior for all the browser.

On this case, I would recommend finding a browser plugin/extension that automatically cleans cookies from time to time.

Dear nick,
Its is not applicable solutions from our side as its need public web site and client side
Kindly we need permanent solutions for this issue,
As its very logical for when chat finish and click new chat or open new browser and click chat button should be asking registration form without open last session.
Even its new session, not open registration form as its seems from cookies.
Kindly advice as we already purchased licences with roketchat solution.

Hi Dinesh123,

Since you are a paying customer, would you mind opening a ticket with support?


Ok, please guide open a support ticket
Thanks lot

You can open a ticket here:

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your support,
I have open a support ticket,
and now waiting for solution.

Best Regards,
Dinesh Kumar

Hi Nick,

since I have a open a support ticket from morning,
no one reply on it.
is this help desk active ?



yes it is but it isn’t ‘instant’. What are you self hosted or SAAS and tier are you on?

The support team will look and get back to you.

I have created support ticket 6 days ago,
still no one reply.
what is the time line for your help desk to reply a support,
such a urgent case.

Hi Dinesh.

I am afraid that not everything can be solved immediately.

I can’t check your ticket as I have no reference, but I have had a look in github issues and I believe that currently this does not occur.

See this for reference:

I am sure that this will go on the product roadmap, but it will not be fixed overnight.

I have asked about this and will let you know more when I hear back.

Hi John,

Thanks for reply,
we are waiting for solution ASAP.


No problems.

I believe you may have been contacted by support.

I hope this gets resolved in due course.