Linux Snap Desktop Client shows noch appindicator icon on Gnome


The Snap desktop client always shows the same icon in the tray (three white dots dots between two grey bars), regardless if there is a unread message or not.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: self hosted, 6
  • Version of Rocket.Chat Client: always the latest
  • Operating System: Client: Manjaro Linux, several

Any additional Information

Since some time (half a year?) new messages in the AUR compiled version of the client are not shown.
Since 2-3 months the Flathub version uses high CPU Usage when it is in the background.
Since 1-2 months a reconnect timeout is shown in the Flatpak and AUR Client, when the client windows in the background for a longer time (minutes - hours).
Since ~a month the Flatpack client does not work anymore on Manjarp.
Since ~two weeks the AUR installation of the client does lead to 100% CPU usage after a short time (~minutes)
Since ~2 weeks the web version of the client does not work anymore in chromium browser
The Snap version seem to be the last version, together with the web version on Firefox browser, of the client which can be used to read and write messages. But in contrast to the Snap and compiled versions it does not give you an visible alert in Gnome when new messages arrive.
On Oracle Linux 9 the Flathub 3.9.11 version of the client runs (in contrast to Manjaro Linux), as well as version 3.9.6 of the self compiled client.
Other users with less messages or chats seem to have fewer problems with the clients.