Discrepancy in Latest Available Versions for arm64 and amd64 Snap Packages and Upcoming Service Discontinuation

Hello, I am running Rocket.Chat on an arm64 system through Snap, and I have noticed that the latest version for arm64 is 4.1.2, whereas the latest version for amd64 is 6.4.1. Today, I received a notification stating that in 15 days, all cloud services will cease to function for my current version of Rocket.Chat, which includes mobile and desktop apps, as well as push notifications.

This raises a concern regarding the support for the arm64 platform. I would like to inquire if the arm64 platform is no longer supported or if there will be an updated version released soon to ensure the continued functionality of the cloud services.

Arm64 we should have new builds out for docker and snap in a few days.

cc @debdut.chakraborty

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Hello, Iā€™d like to follow up and see if there will be an update soon. All our desktop and mobile devices have notifications that they will lose support soon (21 days). Do we know if arm64 will be updated before then?