Facebook Messenger Legacy Integration Broken

We would like to know if Facebook Messenger integratio with omnichannel will be repaired soon. It suddenly stopped working, as I have detailed in Omnichannel Facebook Messenger Integration seems broken · Issue #24780 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub

I know this probably is something changed by Facebook API, but we were really happy with the rocket.chat integration working.

Currently we use Community Edition, so integration via Marketplace App is not an option for us.

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Welcome to our Community!

You can register your workspace, install Facebook App and still continue on Community Edition.

But it seems it requires Enterprise Edition.

That’s true! Sorry about that!

I try to raise awareness on that issue.


Hey, @rgodinezGit

Just to let you know, the Facebook Messenger app will soon be available to Community Edition as well with a subscription-based model. Something similar we currently have with the Twitter app, for example.

We are restructuring some pieces in the Marketplace side to allow this change and the Omnichannel squad will drive this migration later. This change will take place next quarter. :slight_smile:


Hi Vinicius, I really appreciate your anwser. But we still hope we can know if the current integration “legacy” will work again or if we should stop using it, waiting for the app :slight_smile: