Just installed 6.4.1. Rocket Chat will stop working properly in 15 days?


I installed Rocket Chat 6.4.1 from Docker last week. Now I’m getting emails saying

Hi there workspace admin,

Rocket.Chat workspace is now running an unsupported version of Rocket.Chat.
An automatic 30-day warning period has been applied to allow time for you to update this workspace to a supported software version.
If this workspace is not updated within 15 days, the following will occur:

  • Users will no longer be able to sign in from mobile and desktop apps
  • Users will stop receiving mobile push notifications
  • It will no longer be possible to install marketplace apps
  • Omnichannel social channels: WhatsApp Cloud, WhatsApp 360Dialog, Instagram Direct, Twitter, Telegram and Messenger will stop working

This is the panel from my information page:

Should I be concerned about these emails?

I too would like to know the answer to this. I’m on version 6.2 which seems to be scheduled for EOL this month. It’s extremely concerning to me if a self-hosted instance of Rocket.Chat can just suddenly stop working just because its support window ran out.

And why does the email say we only have 15 days to update when the warning period is supposedly 30 days?


I have received three of these emails mentioned above in the last three hours.

After the first message, I noticed that I was running v6.2.9. I had not gotten any update notices and I discovered that the upgrade BOT was missing from my workspace. Anyone else notice that?

Anyway, I updated my instance to 6.4.1.

Unfortunately, I have gotten two more of these emails after the upgrade.

Despite being on 6.4.1 I have gotten one of these emails once per hour.

Hello, everyone! Thanks for reporting this.

Apparently, we are facing an issue with our communication system responsible for sending the e-mails and Rocket.Chat banners about the support window restriction to connect to our Cloud Services.

We are already looking to solve the issue. Only unsupported version workspaces should receive this communication.

You can also check the link at the end of the e-mail if you need more information (it’s the same that @cleod9 shared above).

I can report that as of this posting, the emails have stopped. Thanks for looking into this. I was thinking that something was amiss on my configuration causing this.

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Thanks for letting us know @vmsman

We are still checking on the e-mail duplication issue.

Just for your awareness, it is expected to receive multiple e-mails if you deployed multiple workspaces and registered them in our Cloud. We are sending the e-mails per WS e not per account.

Just want to echo this. I realize this email was sent in error, but it’s still very concerning that it even exists.

Sure, things that depend on the cloud service like push notifications and marketplace make sense. I would expect that connectivity to break with unsupported versions.

But login for desktop and mobile apps? Assuming you keep running the same version of the app and don’t install an app update that breaks compatibility, would it really block sign-ins? Does that mean all logins are routing through the cloud service even if they’re going to a self-hosted instance?


Hey, @matt

Thanks for raising this question. The short answer is “No, we don’t route the logins through the cloud service”.

What it means in terms of “blocking” is that the mobile and desktop apps will block the screen so the user won’t be able to navigate the workspace.

Hey @vinicius.marino ,

Do these restrictions apply to self hosted instances as well, or only those hosted in the cloud?

For example, my rocket.chat server hosted on my own hardware in my own network, even though it has internet access, does not reach out to the cloud infrastructure at all. Will my users still be able to sign in and use the server as we have been or will access be blocked for on premises self-hosted versions as well somehow?

Hey, @william.goodspeed

The restrictions will be applied to all workspaces if the Rocket.Chat workspace is registered and connected to our Cloud, which means this server has access to our Cloud Services such as Omnigateway, Marketplace, and Push Notification for instance.

Now, if you have an unregistered workspace, that means our Cloud doesn’t even know its existence so far.

But, to use our services like those mentioned above or the mobile and desktop apps from now on, the workspace will need to be registered and within a supported version window.

There is more information in our deprecation notice here if you want to dig into. :slight_smile:

Understood thank you. So will old/current versions of the Desktop client work? i.e. If I don’t update my current desktop client will it still automatically stop working with my current server or will it continue to work until I update the desktop client to a more recent version? I plan on updating my server but it was not on the top of my list of things to do and this would change things.

So “blocking the screen” isn’t that great either (it’s no better to the user than blocking logins). But there’s another issue here that I think is even greater concern to me

I understand the desire to keep everyone within the specified support windows, but the looming mongo 5.0 requirement coming in RC 7.0 is going to be a huge issue for self-hosted instances if we don’t get reliable upgrade documentation. Of course I’m referring specifically to the AVX requirement to use Mongo DB 5.0 and up:


This is something I haven’t quite been able to figure out how to deal with all year (I’m using Docker), and I think the community could really use some official support on the matter. So far the information is spread out all over the place, but it seems like it should be possible to run mongo 5.0 without needing AVX with the right compilation, but there’s no resources on how one might do this. If 7.0 is eventually released and we aren’t able to resolve the AVX issue within the supported window, we would no longer be able to use Rocket Chat :disappointed:

@vinicius.marino sorry to poke I forgot to tag you in my reply above, can you please clarify if possible:
“Understood thank you. So will old/current versions of the Desktop client work? i.e. If I don’t update my current desktop client will it still automatically stop working with my current server or will it continue to work until I update the desktop client to a more recent version? I plan on updating my server but it was not on the top of my list of things to do and this would change things.”

Hey, @william.goodspeed!

I really apologize for the delay here. I missed the e-mail notification about this mention and haven’t accessed the forum since last week.

The answer is yes, the old app version will keep working, but we emphasize that it’s essential to keep current in Rocket.Chat version due to the new features, improvements, and security patches.

We recently changed our Support Window policies as well to better fit this movement we are doing. Now every Rocket.Chat version will be supported for 6 months by default. That means you will have more time to plan and update your workspace accordingly to stay current.

I am not sure if you saw, but we had an Open Call this week where it was discussed about the recent changes regarding the Support Window restrictions. I invite you to take a look at the recorded session if you haven’t yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5LRJwX07TM

@cleod9 I am not the best person to help on this subject, but I can address it to someone to take a look.

Hi @vinicius.marino !
I have a somewhat similar problem: I’m running v6.4.5 and everything is fine on the Desktop but the mobile version keeps on telling me: “Workspace version unsupported”, “Desktop and mobile access to…”, and “This workspace is running an unsupported version of Rocket.Chat. Your workspace admin needs to update to at least v6.3.10 to prevent cutoff.”
What’s happening? Why is the mobile app. telling me this message and is there anything that I should do?

I just installed 6.4.5 last night. My Android app is working just fine. Do you have the latest version?

Get app version from Google Play

Hi @mike.whipps ,
Thanks for your swift answer: I checked and Google Play tells me that I’m using version 4.42.2, which was updated on Oct. 30th. I don’t see anywhere the build number (?) 51091 though.

Hi all,
Just for future reference, I “force stopped” the Rocket.Chat app and then cleared its cache and now it seems to see the correct version of the Workspace, there’s still a discrepancy though: the Web interface tells me that I have Workspce v6.4.5 while the mobile one says v6.4.0. But at least there’s not more warning message.

Well, based on the info you’ve given, I think you should be concerned about those emails. They’re saying your Rocket Chat version is not supported, and if you don’t update it within 15 days, some important things will stop working, like users won’t be able to sign in from apps, and social channels like WhatsApp and Instagram will stop too. It’s a good idea to update your Rocket Chat soon to avoid these issues and keep everything running smoothly.