Jitsi enabled but no video buttons in ui


Jitsi instance running OK. Jitsi enabled in admin settings No sign of any video buttons in the ui. Tried with webRTC enabled but same result.
What am I missing here?
Where should the video button appear?
I looked the right of the channel title in a channel window, and in the three dot menu. But nothing there. Where do I start looking for logs etc? Syslog does not give me any clues. Can I turn n up the logging level?

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.7.1
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Deployment Method: Manual install
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog: Enabled
  • NodeJS Version: v12.14.0
  • MongoDB Version: 4.0.21
  • Proxy: None
  • Firewalls involved:ufw

Cheers Roger