How to enable video callings?

Hi to all. Please tell me how to enable video calls? I just registered from my phone, logged to my own rocketchat, start calling myself (from a user account to admin) but I only saw myself on phone camera, there was nothing on pc. I mean the second user doesn’t see videocalling. How to fix it?

PS. I installed Rocketchat from snap

Have you enabled a video conference option in admin?

BigBlueData? Yeah. And even restarted the VPS.

Hi, you have to install either bigblue or Jitsi and configure the same here in the section on your screenshot. I would recommend to go with Jitsi as it is much better than BigBlue. You can adjust the resolution, watermark according to your stuff. easy AD authentication, or password authentication. You can find the installation steps here -



I did it. But the problem stays the same - when I’m calling to my other phone I can only see myself, the other phone is just lying and can’t eve see that I’m calling…

Man :confused: Can’t understand what’s wrong…

Go through @saigop advice and install Jitsi, then configure all Jitsi stuff in Rocket Chat Admin UI
Then when you start call with someone - blue button “Click to Join” is sent to chat - all users who need to be joined to call need to press it to join. That’s easy…


If you still find difficulties, to isolate issues, after your Jitsi or Bigblue installation, open that as a separte application via browser and see if that works, and they try to integrated with RC. Thanks.