Introducing SNAP Tracks!

snap is huge user base relying on automatic upgrades.

Users get quite upset if their server is “bricked”, becomes unstable, or inherits major bugs overnight.

As such we need to wait for enough feedback about each release before making the decision to “cut one” for snap.

It will be 3.5.x and it is likely later in August.


Alright, thank you for the clarification!

an you guide me to update by snap?

Rc 3.5.2 just now installed by snap.

Yup everyone should now be on latest. I’d not a snap refresh will get you there. Don’t forget to do regular backups or set them up for the snap to do so :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, if I have an old snap installation, it is on the latest/stable channel which is 2.x. Will it switch someday to 3.x or stay on 2.x?

Good day

Just to be sure. Will the snap install of automatically update to version 3.6 or is their anything I need to configure to receive this update automatically? I am currently running 3.5.2 on Ubuntu 20.04