How to Start new Chat Session on new URL with different Department?


we have successfully installed on our server and have also created various departments and integrated the chat on the website.

However, we have the following requirement which we have not been able to implement so far:
We have 60 URLs and on each one we want to run a separate chat - for this we have created departments.

When a visitor comes to URL 1, he talks to Department 1 accordingly and Department 2,3,4,5 cannot see the first chat session.
If the visitor switches to URL 2, he should talk to Department 2. However, this only works if he manually clicks on “Switch Department” at the bottom of the Rocket Chat widget. Unfortunately, if the visitor has already talked to Department 1 on URL1, the pre-selection on URL 2 (that is, that Department 2 has been selected as the chat partner here) is not retained. Instead, the chat history of Department 1 is also displayed on URL2.

Is there a way to prevent that started chat sessions are transferred to other URLs ? So to say, an option where we can make sure that visitors who are on URL2 will always see Department 2 directly first without having to switch manually?
Thanks for suggestions

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Hi, did you manage to find a solution? Trying to implement the same workflow and have the same issues currently.