How to open Jitsi Call in pop out window on latrest version of Rocket Chat Electron for Windows

I can provide server details if needed, but I don’t think they apply to my question.

Anything newer than Rocket chat electron version 3.5.2 opens Jitsi calls in the browser and no longer opens it in the pop out window. Is there a way to fix this without having to go back a few versions?

Please let me know!

i have the same issue, no workaround found yet, would also curious regarding an option

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I found using the free, open source program Ferdi remedies this issue and allows a pop out window again. It’s also useful because you can add multiple communication/other apps to it and have them as tabs in the program.

Not an official solution but it works for me so maybe it will help somebody some day!

I had this issue.

I fixed it by going here on the nav menu…
Window > Settings
Then enable ‘Open Video Chat using Application Window’


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