BigBleuButton app in rocket chat marketplace


I’m new in this community and i’m trying to setup BigBlueButton with rocket chat.
The problem is that i can’t find the app for BigBlueButton in the rocket chat marketplace.

rocket chat free license
version: 4.8.1

Any suggestions are welcome


Hi! Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

We are about to release version 5.0 (check here), and all the video conferencing integrations will be now delivered as Apps.

For versions prior to 5.0, you can select what video conference provider you want to use under ADMIN > VIDEO CONFERENCE.

For example, there was a jitsi slash command that was only about providing a slash command

/jitsi some-random-text

that would create a jitsi call from a command line. This App will now become the Jitsi Provider App.

Let me know if this helps.

You can also get quicker responses for you doubts at our Community Support Channel



Thanks for your answer.
So Rocket Chat doesn’t come with any “audio call feature”.
You have to add a video conferencing integrations. Is that right?


That’s right. Rocket.Chat is usually agnostic when it comes to this kind of features.

You can integrate all sorts of bot frameworks, video conferencing platforms, etc.

Ok, perfect
thanks a lot