How to enable and use Jitsi

I got a running local RC-Server:
Version 2.4.2

Betriebssystem Linux
Plattform linux
Architektur x64
Version 4.19.0-8-amd64
Node-Version v8.11.3
Mongo Version 3.6.17
Mongo Storage Engine wiredTiger

and want to test the videoconferencing feature with Jitsi.
I enabled jitsi
changed “domain” to
enabled “activate in channels”
and restart the server… but where can I find this Jitsi-Feature?
How can I start a videoconference with the client or the app? My main intention is to use screen-sharing.

the linuxclient has a “videochat”-button but when I start a video-call I got an 404-site not found error.
can anyone support?

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Hello, @rocketman!
May this message finds you well.

Once Jitsi is working well here, I’m sending you a print screen of the current configuration I have. My RocketChat is in Portuguese, but I believe you’ll can transpose easily to your configurations. Any doubt, please, let me know.

thx for your reply.
It works with the default jitsi domain.

does it always use resources / bandwidth for video calls?

You can set up and use your own Jitsi instance.

trying this but the documentation is not very specific. Got my jitsi running, and works via web. But how do I point RC to my own jitsi?

Inputting the domain where you set up Jitsi and a prefix to each of the fields is not enough?

nope, I put the domain and when I test a get just a white screen.

Devtool’s console output would be needed to see what is going there.