Getting email notifications on localhost to work

I am running RC on my local machine.

I set up the SMTP and sending the test email works.

I have enabled Offline email notifications to be at Every mention/DM in Accounts at the /accounts page for admins.

I have created users and have started a private group between two users with one user logged in and the other not logged in. I am trying to get an email notification as I believe when a user is logged out and gets a message, he/she should get an email notification.

I however do not get any emails. The recipient user’s email is my email and that is also were I received the test emails.

Am I missing some configuration or setting?



please have a quick read of this on how to ask for help and provide some background information on your installation.

Next have have you checked your Rocket.Chat logs?

Have you checked individual user settings?

Ah it turns out I had to verify the user email before the email notifications get sent to the user. So I verified the user email and the notifications started working on DMs and mentions.

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