Email notification does not work for everyone

Hi everyone,

I’m here to report a bug that appeared two months ago (I don’t know which update was passed in the meantime) but some users don’t receive email notifications anymore while :

  • They have activated the notifications in their personal profile
  • They are offline at the time of the notification
  • Sending emails is working

Only 4-5 people are in the case, and these people have the same domains in email addresses so the track of the provider who rejects the mail is to be removed.

At the level of Rocket Chat, we are in version 5.4.2, and MongoDB 5.0.2.

Someone already had the case? An idea on this subject?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:



Just to make sure: those users has the verified email toggle on, right?

If you can reproduce one of those events, can you seen any outstanding log?

Hi !

The users in question have their emails verified.

Unfortunately not, I did some tests and I don’t have any logs that go back.

If you increase the log, can you seen the email message being sent on logs?

Also, can you give admin access to this user, login with it, and send a test email?

The receiving email server can be blocking this email, so this would rule that out.

I have a similar issue, but the other way around. Just some users get Offline notifications in some rooms, even though they are online. It’s hard to reproduce and we have some of them on different instances.