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Hi everyone,
is it possible, to change the settings in a way that every member in a team or channel is following every thread by default and not only, if they reply to it or belong to it in any other way?
For unexperienced users it is quite complicated, to realise, that you have to follow a thread actively, if you want to follow the text when you are not involved.

We didn´t find any admin setting or post in this forum, so maybe this active questions will help us.

We would be very happy about that.
Best regards

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 4.5.0
    I´m not running the server. I´m only administrating the software and will deliver further information in addition if necessary.


I believe this is the use case for @all and @here: Notifications - Rocket.Chat Docs

When you mention @all on your text, it will notify all participants in that room. So this should be the author decision, IMO.

I cannot recall of a setting that will accomplish that.

we are also quite sure, that there is no Option to change this.

But we think, this would be a nice feature in the administration or even user settings.

At the moment admins, moderators and users miss some threads because threads are muted by default if you don´t belong or reply to them.
And our normal users are normally not skilled enough to use @… commands :wink:

Is this the right place in this forum for this idea or should I post this or other ideas/ bugreports anywhere else?

I see.

This is the right place to request features:

And also to discuss about the feature itself.

Playing devils advocate, sometimes, a thread may be better suited to be a new discussion, and maybe this might be the best option to ensure all participants gets properly notified.

You may consider inviting your users to do our free for all course at

Our first courses is about team collaboration and how to properly use Rocket.Chat from a user point of view.


Thank you very much!
we are going to check the university and maybe announce it in our support channel or link it to new users.
We probably will read/see us at GitHub/ Open Call.
I wish you all the best!

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that’s great, Daniel!

Just a note for those who are not aware, we host a monthly call: Community Open Call where we have a fun and friendly talk with our community about “Rocket.Chat world”

Thank you and see you there!

issue has been opened here