Can you send out broadcast messages in Rocket?


Hi guys, literally just started using Rocket Chat and I need to send a blanket message to everyone. Can you do that in Rocket Chat?

thank you


There is a feature to set a broadcast message to all users. I believe it’s in admin->layout. There is of course always the announcement per channel


thank you Aaron. I will take a look. :slight_smile:


Hi again Aaron, does Unread Mode still exist?

“To activate Unread Mode you must go to Preferences under My Account and change the “Sidebar channel list mode” setting to “Unread Rooms Mode”.”


Yes of course. :slight_smile:


Can’t you just mention @all in the #general channel? Everyone should get such a message, I think.


Oh ok, I wasnt able to find that setting, maybe thats the premium version?
Im still learning the tool and havent had too much time to read about it yet. Just sort of had to start using thank you, I will try that.


@all and @here are built-in ways to mention specific people in a channel.

@all will send a message to everyone in the channel and @here will send a message to everyone currently present (logged in) in that channel.

The #general channel is a default channel that everyone that joins belongs to, so mentioning @all in that channel will send the message to everyone.

If you have email configured (assuming you are using your own installation) then, if someone is not online when you send the message, they should receive an email notification. (That said, I have not tested this for @all in #general, but I think it should work!)


awesome! thank you for your help!


That said, it does not stop people from leaving the #general channel, so if you are still looking for a way to send something to all users, this might not work for you.