Can't set up notifications


I want to receive a minimum of unnecessary notifications

But I want to be notified if my post is mentioned or answered in a thread

What I do not like:

  1. If I was mentioned, the channel is not transferred to the unread group

  2. If they answered my message in the thread, then there is no notification in the chat list

How I want:

If I was mentioned or answered in a thread to my message, then the chat is transferred to unread and the icon of unread messages hangs


Not sure you can get into that level of configuration.

You can always configure notification per channel, so it you can probably adjust a lot.


I didn’t quite understand your answer.

Is my description clear?

It seems to me that it is now impossible to configure notifications so that there are no unnecessary notifications, but at the same time not miss important notifications.

I’m sure this is important for everyone who wants to properly configure notifications

Ok, first, what version of Rocket.Chat are you using?

I am tried to replicating those situations on latest.

if you disable the notification on a given channel:

and if agent1 reply on a thread that adminrc is part of, it will generate both the alert and group it by unread:


the same goes for mentions:

What I am saying is that those options are set on a per user basis, and not globally.

let me know if that helps.

Hi! Sorry for the long reply

I have version 6.0.0

But my notification menu looks different

You don’t have a “Show counter” button

What version are you looking at?

I really want to get an answer, thank you

I want to come back to this question. I tried to describe my question in more detail. I am eagerly awaiting a response from the RocketChat team.

I’m trying to figure out the notification settings in shared channels. My logic is as follows. There is an open department channel that I belong to. Notification settings for the channel are attached in the screenshot. I want direct notifications to work as follows:

  • I don’t want to receive all notifications in this chat (because there are many people writing there and I don’t want to clutter up my notifications).
  • I use sorting by unread in the chat list.
  • If I’m mentioned in the general chat, not only should a red circle appear, but the chat should also be moved to the group of unread chats.

As it is now:

  • If I’m notified, I receive a red circle in the general chat list, but since sorting is done by unread and last active, I lose this notification in the chat list (I have more than 50 chats), and the only way to see this notification is by chance, scrolling through all the chats.

And I want the response to a thread in the general chat to work as follows:

  • If someone replied to my message with a thread, the chat should be moved to the unread group.
  • A blue circle appears next to this chat.

As it is now:

  • The chat is not moved to the unread group.
  • No circle is displayed next to the chat. The circle is only displayed next to the thread, but if I don’t go to the chat (because there was no notification), I won’t see the circle next to the thread.
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Without such notification functionality, I don’t understand how to:

  • Set up notifications to receive only the ones I need.
  • Not miss notifications.

Please help me set it up correctly or report the issue in the bug tracker.