Failed to register with Rocket.Chat Cloud

Does anyone know how to solve this new problem?
ErrorCode: cant_register_uniqueid_already_registered

This happens when you have already registered the server.

I’ve seen this most commonly with people that clone their db to make multiple environments. Happen to have done this? Or have any other servers running. Might be worth going to admin->info and comparing deploymentId(same thing as uniqueId)

If not DM me the uniqueId/deploymentId and I can fix it for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Aaron,
I checked and I have the same deploymentID/uniqueID in 3 of my servers because I cloned the databases.
Can I just change the IDs in the databases? Which collection holds it?

on two of them you can hop into the database and remove the uniqueId. Then restarting it will generate a new one.


This will remove it.

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Perfect Thanks Aaron!

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