Failed mobile push notifications

Push notification failing. Here is the log, I’ve searched but can’t find a resolution. Sometimes restarting will make it work again for a while but after I do a docker update it just stops working again. Here is one of the log entries:
{“level”:50,“time”:“2024-05-02T13:19:19.189Z”,“pid”:1,“hostname”:“0b64ace99843”,“name”:“Push”,“msg”:“Error sending push to gateway (5 try) ->”,“err”:“{"errorMsg":"unsupported version"}”}

Server Setup Information

| |
| Rocket.Chat Version: 6.7.2 |
| NodeJS Version: 14.21.3 - x64 |
| MongoDB Version: 5.0.17 |
| MongoDB Engine: wiredTiger |
| Platform: linux |
| Process Port: 3000 |
| Site URL: https://xxxxx |
| ReplicaSet OpLog: Enabled |
| Commit Hash: cb977231a2 |
| Commit Branch: HEAD |
| |

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. As I mentioned this is a docker deployment running the latest. Thanks

Probably related:

Do you have full internet access?

Don’t ever do that, unless you like living dangerously.

Fix the version, and upgrade when YOU want to, and when you know what is going on.


image: rocketchat/

so you’re suggesting to roll back to an earlier version for stability? The upgrade notifications are annoying and the upgrade process is simple so I figured it was best to keep it current.
And I’m not sure I’ll ever be invested in RC enough to know what’s going on. ha.
The other article you posted helped a bunch. Seems a known bug so I’ll roll back to the version indicated in the app and see if that makes it stable

I wouldn’t try rolling back without doing a database restore - there may be irreversible database changes, especially between point releases eg 6.6 - 6.7

Going forward I’d set the agenda. It saves lots of unwanted breakage IME.

You have chosen to host a serve, part of your job is keeping yourself advised of bugs, updates etc. It is a serious responsibility. Automatic upgrades of Rocket are NOT recommended.

Or pay someone else to do it for you!!

As far as the error goes can you confirm you have full network access and no firewall/proxy issues?

if you open a thread on I’m there and I’ll try get yours looked at.