Offline messages - wrong sender email


I’ve a strange issue/bug: the offline email notification is sended from the wrong sender email:
as sender it takes the mail from --Administration --> Email --> SMTP --> From Email

Here we insert our central it service mail address, when an receiver answer to the mail, we got the answer. This is a real privacy gap.
I suggest, there should the mail from the original account?

And there is a other thing about offline messages: there is still no way to deactivate the global? and not only deactivate, even forbid?

Here our enviroment:

Version 3.3.0
Version der Anwendungsumgebung 1.15.0-beta.3411
Datenbankmigration 191
Datenbankmigrationsdatum 28. Mai 2020 06:02
Installationsdatum 24. März 2020 15:46
Laufzeit 7 Tage, 2 Stunden, 9 Minuten, 46 Sekunden
Deployment-ID t5TdqakppkJaFN5WF
Laufende Instanzen 1
OpLog Aktiviert


Hash a9872957180059094e50678ec311b2fcef8f61ad
Datum Wed May 27 23:07:17 2020 -0300
Zweig HEAD
Tag 3.3.0
Autor Rodrigo Nascimento
Betreff Merge pull request #17763 from RocketChat/release-3.3.0


Betriebssystem Linux
Plattform linux
Architektur x64
Version 4.9.0-12-amd64
Node-Version v12.16.1
Mongo Version 4.0.18
Mongo Storage Engine mmapv1
Systemlaufzeit 24 Tage, 20 Stunden, 11 Minuten, 47 Sekunden
Durchschnittliche Systemauslastung (“Load”) 0.08, 0.04, 0.04
Gesamter Arbeitsspeicher 15.31 GB
Freier Arbeitsspeicher 3.73 GB
CPU-Anzahl 4


Plattform linux
Architektur x64
Version 5.3.0-1020-azure
Node-Version v12.16.1
Datum 28. Mai 2020 04:15