Email Inbox in a channel


I am looking for a solution:
I want to read an IMAP mailbox and when a new mail comes in, this subject with content should be posted in a certain channel.

I have already found a Python script here in the forum but I can’t manage it. Then there is the new email function via Omnichannel.

The mail function is unfortunately nothing for me, because this always opens a new chat for each mail. I would like to have this but only in a fixed channel inside.

Also Zapier is not a solution, because the mailbox is only internally accessible.

Does anyone else have an idea? Or can I set the mail function differently ?


The Email Inboxes is indeed designed as an Omnichannel channel, meaning it will create an Omnichannel and follow all the login that it has regarding Departments, Agents, etc.

If you want to receive an alert on channel when a certain email hits your inbox, you are on the right path to accomplish this, by using a python script that will monitor this IMAP inbox push the payload to an incoming webhook integration.

I not sure you will find this kind of integration ready to use made by a community contributor, so some python programming will be needed.

One suggestion is using out Job Listings category here on forums to try finding help