Dot behind temporary password

Why does Rocket.Chat send out a temporary password with a dot behind it? It has the same font weight of the password and it confuses people since they are wondering why their password is wrong.

And this isn’t easily fixable when you have this running in docker because it’s inside the function {Your_temporary_password_is_password}

What’s the easiest way to fix this?

If you’re a regular user and not an administrator or developer managing the Rocket.Chat instance, unfortunately, there might be limited actions you can take to resolve this issue. Here’s what you can try:

  1. Check Rocket.Chat Community Forums: Sometimes, other users might have faced similar issues and could have shared solutions on Rocket.Chat’s community forums. You can search for topics related to password reset emails or formatting issues and see if there are any suggested solutions.
  2. Ask Your Administrator: If you are part of an organization or community using Rocket.Chat, contact your system administrator or the person responsible for managing the Rocket.Chat instance. They might be able to adjust the email templates or implement a workaround for the formatting issue.
  3. Provide Feedback: Many software companies appreciate feedback from users. If you haven’t already, consider providing feedback about the issue through Rocket.Chat’s official channels. They may take user feedback into account for future updates or improvements.

Remember, the ability to resolve this issue might depend on the permissions and capabilities granted to your user account. If you don’t have the necessary access or if the issue is related to the Rocket.Chat instance’s configuration, it’s crucial to involve someone with administrative or technical expertise.