Disabled Name, Username, Email and Password change -> No Save button for Avatar Change


We use SAML to log the users into rocket.chat. I get all necessary user data (Name, Username, Email, Password) via the SAML login. Therefore I have disabled the changing of Name, Username, Email and Password in the Account Settings.

I have set ‘Allow Users to Delete Own Account’, ‘Allow User Profile Change’ and ‘Allow User Avatar Change’ to true.

I can open the profile page of a regular user, upload a new avatar, but the save-button gets never enabled.

I thnik this is a bug. Can anyone advise how to solve this?

rocket.chat 0.71.0-develop
Hash: 9ac5b552ed7e9da4cfe57550ba50c17dad29ef92
Date: Tue Oct 16 00:59:49 2018 +0530


Adding @diego.sampaio to the thread.


I found out, that the problem is the username. We use SAML to login and use the email address also as a username. Therefor the username contains an @ but this is normally not supported. Therefore the save button got disabled.

After changing the username as admin, the users were able to save their avatar.

Maybe the user-creation part in the saml login should check for @ sign in the username and substitute the sign.