Liveschat with multiple users possible / switch to private chat with an agent, manager?

I’m new to and only read the documentation so far.

As I understand it from the documentation of the live chat widget, you have only the possibility to create 1:1 chats with someone from the company like customer service/service desk.

Now I have two questions about the live chat widget functionality and if the following scenarios are also possible:

  1. Is it possible to have multiple users (not just 2) in the live chat widget?
  2. If someone from this multiuser chat wants to talk to the a company person, can this user initiate a 1:1 chat?

So, an admin creates a live chat on a page and everyone can (either with or without registration) participate in this chat. People in this chat should also have the opportunity to get into a 1:1 chat session with someone from the customer service. That could be a user which is already in the chat, an admin or agent/manager of some kind.

Thank you.