Confused by the pricing options versus the code on Github


I’m trying to understand what the benefits & licensing obligations would be (if any) for subscribing to a paid Rocket Chat plan, as opposed to taking the code from Github and installing & maintaining our own server & system?


Server Setup Information

Not applicable

Any additional Information

Not really applicable - this is a general usage question.

Your best bet is to probably connect with our sales team to get a description of the comparisons after looking at the comparison on our website:

Thanks Bradley. In general I’m fine with the details of which plan provides what, and the costs involved - until we get to “paying for self hosted / self managed”.

As I’m sure you know many open source projects offer their code and perhaps a container of some kind on Github, for those who are comfortable installing & running their own system at their own expense. Alongside that there would often be a commercial “we’ll host & manage it for you” option for people less comfortable with doing their own install & setup, which attracts a cost.

However if I understand it correctly shows pricing for the self-managed route as well as the “hosted by” path. I don’t understand what we’d be getting if we paid but hosted & managed the instance ourselves on our own infrastructure?

Thanks again.

I believe, again contact sales for more information as I am only a developer with limited knowledge, that we provide support and also Rocket.Chat has an enterprise edition which contains features and Apps which are not included in the community version.