Terms Of Service / Privacy Policy for app registration


I’ve got an application ready to be published. I’m an individual, my code is open sourced on github, this application does not call any third party API.
Though I still need a TOS and Privacy Policy page to register my publisher.
While I understand the need for Rocket.Chat, I don’t understand legal stuff. I tried to use an online template, but I still can’t figure what to say.

Could you help me?

Kind regards

Hi @mathrb!

Thanks for publish an App in our Marketplace :slight_smile:

I have seen some Apps only pointing to the git repository:

If the source code is available, one can easily audit the code for privacy concerns.


Hi RC-team.
Regarding current topic looks like link to github is enough for TOS and PP.
But I received the conclusion from reviewers:
"Please update your account with valid Terms of Service links and also valid Privacy links. We require these before we can approve the app. "
Could you give me an advice on how to meet current requirements?

cc @bradley.hilton

I am still waiting for a response from our security team but the gist of it is the following:

For privacy policy:

  • You must link somewhere that states what you do with the data
  • If your App uses another service, then you must provide links to that service’s own links (subprocessor type deal)
  • If you don’t handle any data, say that but if someone else does then point to who does
  • If the app is open source, point to the source and let people know they can inspect the code

For terms of service:

  • Same items as above
  • Indicate how support will be handled

These are for free apps and are my suggestions. Paid apps require actual terms and privacy, especially with how support will be provided. If I hear back from the security team and they don’t respond here, I will provide an update.

If you don’t have a place to host the above statements, you can link to a gist with the text for each.

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