Configuring Rocket.Chat after installation

In the Configuring and using Rocket.Chat section of this tutorial, after completing step 3, there is a step 4 asking for whether or not to “Use the preconfigured gateways and proxies provided by Rocket.Chat Technologies Corp.”. Would you please explain the differences between the options here? Thanks in advance.

N.B. i don’t have any screenshot at this moment.

Basically using that option, you can download and install our mobile apps and things will just work out of the box. Push notifications will get to your phone with no need to do anything extra

Why would anyone not want to do that? The option to say know is there, but I’m not clear on why anyone would need that option?

We are all about choice. :slight_smile: We do not want to force someone to use our push gateway and our apps if they do not want to.