Announcement: Planet.Chat, a free gateway for unlimited push notifications!

Hi everyone!

Because we are happy with the community edition (and have zero budget anyway), but 10,000 notifications per month are not enough, I rebuilt the mobile apps, as so many did already before.

However, I think it makes no sense that everyone has to build their own apps only for the purpose of having more push notifications. Therefore I also built a simple push notification gateway for the app that I’m happy to share with everyone. All you need to do it to configure a different gateway and use the Planet.Chat app, which is an unmodified rebuild of the original Rocket.Chat app. For further information please look here:

I only tested it with our own servers so far, not on a big scale, but I’m quite confident it should work well enough. In any case, if there are problems or you’re happy with it: feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:


Just in case someone tried that out today already: the gateway wasn’t deployed yet. But now it’s up and running! :nerd_face:

@ansiwen Fantastic job! I’ll surely try it out :slight_smile:

However I don’t feel comfortable with the way Rocket Chat are making changes to the Community Edition.
I did have a meeting with one of their sales guys a while ago, since I was planning on implementing the Enterprise Edition at work, but that has been put on hold, and we’re now looking more into Zulip.

LOL we are prívate cloud Provider , we can collaborate créate a master and deploy gateway instance from low price, interest? Every Client his own gateway?

I doubt RocketChat will let you bypass this limit of their CE Version by providing a platform solution to everyone.

It’s not a limit of the CE version. It’s a limit of the free plan of their gateway. Nobody stops you from operating your own gateway. (There are already some other alternative gateways, but they all also take money for a service that is basically offered for free by Google and Apple.)

Hey @ansiwen , I just configured your gateway in my rocketchat instance and it does not seem to send any notifications. Were you overwhelmed by the traffic or is your gateway still up and running and I am doing something wrong?

Currently, I have both the official rocketchat app and planetchat installed on my iPhone.


It is running and working. I know because I use it for myself. Not overwhelmed at all. :slight_smile: I can’t see any problems in the logs for today. Does it look like this? Please check for typos, for example it must be https, not http.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your work!
This gateway feature is awesome!
I rent server from linode and configured it using your gateway, and tested 1000 msg.
I have tried, it works fine. But I have also tried original client, it also works.
So I wonder if I must use

If you use the app, the notifications are forwarded to the gateway, which is limited to 10000 notifications per month (if you don’t pay). If you use the app, there is no limit.

even if I configure my server with your gateway, and using my server’s url, the notifications are still forwarded to gateway?

yes, because only the gateway can send notifications to the app, and my gateway (planetchat) can only send notifications to the app (each gateway is signing the notifications with the private key for the specific app). So my gateway has to forward the notifications for the app to the gateway. The notifications for app are delivered directly to APNS or FCM.

Oh I see, thanks a lot!

It isn’t working on 6.2.5 version. It says “There are no tokens for this user”. :frowning:

That has nothing to do with the gateway. If there is no token, then you never logged in with that user with any mobile client.

Now it says, " Your push was sent to 1 devices" but didn’t get any notification. Even RC log is clean. :frowning:

@ansiwen, I would like to thank you for your contribution. I totally agree with you - the 10000 notifications limit really hampers the experience with Rocketchat. Thank you so much; it works perfectly in my environment.

Great work, @ansiwen! You saved us! However, it seems that the app only works with Google Play services and relies on FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). Can we receive push notifications on a de-googled phone?

Is there any privacy concern? One of the reasons I’m running Rocket Chat locally is to avoid having all of my family’s chats on someone else’s machines. I haven’t dug in yet on notifications… does any message content come through or just a notification with a URL?

Thanks for your work and sharing @ansiwen
With recent decisions from Rocket.Chat team this project is very welcome !
I don’t know if you still maintain this “fork”, I created issues on the Github repo and get no answer. The main problem is Android App is no more available :s
As I’m not very competent in iOs an Android dev, I can’t build by my own (or I will spend a week learning how to).
Regards :slight_smile: