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How do I enable push notifications in Rocket Chat

Hello Everyone!!

I have been using Rocket Chat tool for a while. I am about to deploy the tool into the production environment. Can someone please let me know how do I enable push notifications? I receive no notifications when I get a new message from a user. How do I enable the notifications in Rocket chat. Is there any plugin for the notifications to be configured in order to receive notifications? I use Ubuntu 18.04 OS. I kindly request all of you to let me know if there is any possible solution. Any help will be beneficial.

Note: I haven’t installed Rocket Chat tool with the help of Docker.


You need to create and register to a cloud account, or build your version with your own push gateway.

Is there any other possibility to enable push notifications?


Either register with Rocket.Chat cloud and use the Rocket.Chat push gateway or use your own push gateway but you will need to build your own Android and iOS apps with your own keys.

Hi! Those are the only options, as far as I know.

The cloud registration is free, and will limit the push quantity monthly.

You could also build your own app, with your logo, fixed server, etc. This is called “white-labeling”, as described on the docs: