Rocket.Chat+ 2.13.0 on windows won't open

One of my teammates just updated on his windows machine. The app now won’t open. Anyone else seeing this?

Same here, after 2.13.00 upgrade the app won’t start
Win 10 Pro, 64 bit

Just had an upgrade notice and selected to upgrade - now the app wil not start any longer, Also not wen run as admin.
Any suggestion?
Thank you Willi
PS - was running fine before upgrade

Removed 2.13.00 and re-installed 2.10.2 and all works fine

Can you specify what exactly you are talking about? You upgraded what? The version number leads me to believe you might be talking about the desktop app, but can’t be sure.

Yes, the Windows Client Desktop app which was released yesterday

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Please see Rocket.Chat Desktop 2.13.0 update broken for some