Change cloud profile email


I need to change my profile email on my cloud account as my old email does not exist anymore.

I tried it directly unter but the email field is disabled. However, according to the docs (Cloud FAQs - Rocket.Chat Docs) it should be possible.
As it didn’t work I tried to reach to the support as long as my old address was still valid but didn’t get any answer at all. Now the address is gone and I tried it again using my other address just to get an automated answer:

This is an automated message.

We could not find a support contract for your organization, which probably means you are using a Community Workspace or you are subscribed to the Starter Plan, for which we do not offer dedicated support.

If you believe this is a mistake, please ensure you are using your company email address, or have your team’s designated Authorized User submit the ticket instead. If neither helps, please reach out to your CSM.

Note that Rocket.Chat provides several options for community support. The best for this case would be to raise your issue on our forums at %FORUM_LINK_CHANGED_AS_NEW_USERS_CANNOT_POST_MORE_THAN_TWO_LINKS% or a GitHub issue at %GITHUB_ISSUE_LINK_CHANGED_AS_NEW_USERS_CANNOT_POST_MORE_THAN_TWO_LINKS%. Our community usually does a great job in assisting others.

Also, please check our support policy here

If you would like to purchase one of our support plans, please check our pricing page for details and use our sales contact form.

Best Regards,

Rocket.Chat Support

How am I supposed to change the email for a Community Workspace? By creating a github bug ticket with my email address posted into the open internet?