Android App 3.5.1 And Rocket Chat Experimental

Hello Rocket Chat and Community,

My first question is about the current Android app and video calling crashing the app on a server version below 2.0.0.

Is there a solution in the pipeline? Or perhaps will 2.0.0 get promoted to the snap distro?

With regard to Rocket Chat Experimental on Android, the voice and audio chat options are there but are grayed out. Is this by design for the current stage of experimental or is this because the server in question is not 2.0.0-develop?

Thanks again for the fantastic software. I have tried A LOT of chat software, and RC is just head and shoulders above a lot of it!

I found that Jitsi support has not yet been added, but that a release has been marked for its inclusion. Awesome!

The other big thing I’ve noticed is the react native app will say that the file/image is too large regardless of the server setting or the actual size of the file.

Reported the issue here: