Rocket.Chat 3.5.2 (iOS app) browser problem


1st, excuse me for my english.

We have own Rocket.Chat server version 2.1.1.
iOS “Rocket.Chat” app version is 3.5.2.
And there is very annoying problem: when i am trying to open any url link in chat room, app browser trying to open it and crashes in 1 sec. So i cant open any link.

At the same time i have “Rocket.ChatExperimental” app and there is all OK - i am able to open any URL link.
Desktop client works nice too.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

They are not the same apps.

The ‘Experimental’ version is React Native and this is the focus of development.

Thanks for reply!
So does this mean we should use “Experimental” client from now?

Essentially, yes…

That is the way that development is going. The native iOS app is unlikely to get many more fixes.

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Thank you again! We will migrate.


They have a long way to go but I know the RN devs are working hard on it.