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Windows App update loop

On Windows, using version 3.6.0, the application tells me that 3.7.0 is available. I select “Install Update”, and get told that I will be notificed when the update is ready to be installed. After two days, the application is still not upgraded, and I still get the notification at cold/warm boot.

How to fix this?


This is a known bug. This is the issue that we are tracking it:

@dudanogueira Thank you for your reply. That’s quite a while for such a fix.
Any feedback on how end users manage the manual upgrade?

Some users use windows GPO for updates while on a Active Directory environment.

Unfortunately that’s not an option for us :frowning:

Auto update of the Windows client from 3.7.2 to 3.7.3 worked perfectly. Thanks for fixing this bug :slight_smile:

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