Whitelabel app - there are no tokens for this user - android

Hello everyone,

we are currently building our own whitelabel rocket.chat-app and are running into a problem with push notifications - namely that we do not receive any. The app is logged into the server, we can send and receive messages, but are not getting any notifications. When we send a test push, the response is “There are no tokes for this user”, even if we just chatted on this users account. We followed this troubleshooting guide, setting up firebase, the app and the server accordingly.

If we use the official Rocket.Chat App and switch the server to gateway, we can receive notifications. However, if I got this right, we cannot use the gateway when rolling our own whitelabeled app.

I would obviously love if someone could tell me what we are doing wrong, but I am mostly posting because I am at a loss as to how to investigate this. What can we look at to figure out where this is going wrong?

Unfortunately without any detail it is hard to tell.

For docs I think you need to be here.

I’d be glad to provide more detail, I just don’t know what to tell you. Let me try:

We have a Rocket.Chat-Server setup on premise, which can be reached via the Google Play Rocket.Chat-App (or the Desktop App or the Browser).

We also cloned the Rocket.Chat-ReactNative-Repository and (under its own package name) created a Google Play App, a Google Cloud Project and a Firebase project for it. We then took the changes that firebase told us to do (new google-services.json, additional lines for the build.gradle-Files), build our app and installed ist.

We also disabled the gateway for push notifications on our Rocket.Chat-Server and instead added the GCM API Key and GCM Project Number from firebase.

We would have expected to be able to receive push notifications now, but when we click on “Send a test push to my user” the error “There are no tokens for this user” appears, even though there are users logged in via the app; they can chat etc. without a hitch.

I am happy to answer any and all questions, I just can’t provide the code itself.