No notifications to Android whitelabel app

I have downloaded Rocket Chat single-server branch (version 4.36.0), then I followed Android App White Labelling (Android App White Labelling - Rocket.Chat Developer).

Environment Information:

  • Rocket.Chat Server Version: 4.8.1
  • Rocket.Chat App Version: 4.36.0
  • Device Name:
  • OS Version: Android 12

Steps to reproduce:

I have created a new project on Firebase, added a new Android application and downloaded google-services.json file.

I have downloaded and configured Rocket Chat ReactNative single-server branch, version 4.36.0, for white labeling as documented.

At Rocket Chat server web UI, on Administration > Settings > Push, I have turned off “Enable Gateway”, I kept “Production” on and added “GCM API Key” and “GCM Project Number”.

Note that for “GCM API Key” I have copied the value from google-service.json file under api_key current_key value and for “GCM Project Number” I have copied from Firebase “Sender ID”.

Also, I have changed “server” key from app.json file to match our domain address.

Expected behavior:

Notification should be received on mobiles.

Actual behavior:

No notifications are presented.

Additionally, I get notifications when I start campaigns from Firebase Console. This means that I have an app with google-services.json correctly intalled on my device, right!?

I want to validate where the values to GCM fields come from.

|From logs I see the following entries:
{“level”:20,“time”:“2023-03-27T20:47:35.428Z”,“pid”:1411258,“hostname”:“”,“name”:“Push”,“msg”:“ANDROID ERROR: result of sender”}
{“level”:20,“time”:“2023-03-27T20:27:56.161Z”,“pid”:1410954,“hostname”:“”,“name”:“Push”,“msg”:“For devices running Android 8.0 or later you are required to provide an android_channel_id. See raix/push#341 for more info”}

Is it information only or related to missing notifications?|

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did you fix this issue?