Where can I find admin guide to enable video chat with big blue button?

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I didn’t see any document from above link. But I do see big blue button from Rocket chat software. And big blue button works well.
How can I enable BBB video chat?
Should I install my big blue button server?
Should I wait for WebRTC function?

Thanks a lot.

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Also really need it. Some labels in BBB integration settings are definitely not accurate and it’s not obvious how to “link” it with webhooks.

We managed to get it working with our BBB. The integration is quite simple.

Here’s the setup data, obviously some private info has been removed.

Could you tell me a bit about your setup, please?

What operating system and which version are you using for Big Blue Button?
What operating system and which version are you using for RocketChat ?

Do i need to install bbb-webhooks ? if yes, i need to install it on rocketchat or on bigbluebutton server ?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 for Big Blue Button and Ubuntu 18.04 for RocketChat. And i cannot make them to work.
Because BBB does not support 18.04… :frowning:

Thank you

Where you able to get the integration to work. I was not able to but the Chrome dev tools pointed out that it puts a /v1 at the end of the RUI e.g. https://bbb. someserver .com/api/v1. the status error I receive is {“status”:“error”,“message”:“API endpoint does not exist”}