What is the popular or recommended linux installation way snap or docker (on-premise)


We are trying this out on a small non-profit (about 40 users). We are wondering what is the most popular method as we are Ubuntu server (22.04) users. Is snap install - easy and just works? especially I am only a part-time voluntary employee. We dont need lots of bells/whistles. Just a basic version.

Is snap recommended (as it auto updates). Thanks

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Snap works, but I’d still recommend docker.

Just pull the compose file, create a .env with

RELEASE=<your version>

Run docker compose up -d

Need https? In the same .env add

DOMAIN=<your domain>

Pull the traefik config from the same repo, run docker compose up -d rocketchat --force-recreate && docker compose -f traefik.yml up -d

And you are done.

Updating is just changing the value of RELEASE then rerunning docker compose up -d.

Thanks for the quick reply.

We have our own domain do we need to use traefik? Thanks

do you mean you already have domain with reverse proxy configured? If so, won’t need traefik for sure.

Hello Alpen,

Snap is not the recommended method. Either deploy with docker or manual installation on Ubuntu.

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